Monday, 9 August 2010

Green Lantern 2 Sinestro

Scriptwriter Michael Goldenberg has been hired by Warner Bros to pen the screenplay Green lantern 2. It's not clear yet if he's sharing the writing job with Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim or plainly taking over.

And Actor Mark Strong told MTV that Sinestro is the likely villain in the movie Green Lantern 2:

"I've read somewhere they've already started writing the second one.."
Actor Mark Strong

I definitely want to see Sinestro's downfall!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Green Lantern 2 Movie - Green Lantern Sequel

The upcoming Green Lantern movie directed by Martin Campbell and starring Ryan Reynolds as the green ring superhero hasn't been released yet, and details of its plot are still kept under wrap. But this doesn't hinder true fans of the Green Lantern to speculate about the inevitable movie sequel to the Green lantern, aka Green Lantern 2.

As of now, there is little known, to say nothing, about the main bad guy of the first Green lantern film. Current speculation puts Hector Hammond (a twisted man who gained his power from of a strange meteor) as the first film's central villain, with the subsequent movie Green Lantern 2 focusing more on Sinestro's evil turn. By doing so, they would be using the same storyline that's in Geoff Johns' "Green Lantern: Secret Origin".

But I also heard that there would be lot of scenes taking place in space in the first film, which would rather indicate Sinestro as the first film's villain because a story with Hector Hammond would mainly happen on Earth. Unless they explain how the ring manage to reach Earth in the first place? ...

Who's gonna be the main villain in the Green Lantern 2 movie?

Well there is definitely some confusion here! But we'll keep you posted regarding Green Lantern 2 as soon as we get new information!